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Four decades of failure in tackling skills shortages

Tom Bewick’s speech to the #BattleFest Battle of Ideas Festival in London recently, set out the main reasons why, in his view, the UK has suffered decades of relatively weak productivity and skills performance:

Why we love connecting the world of FE!

Skills World Live presenter and FAB chief exec, Tom Bewick, talks about how the radio show launched as a result of the pandemic; its online success; the importance of the sector embracing digital; and why he won’t stop giving a voice to the unheard issues in further education.

Will the Spending Review deliver for FE? #SkillsWorldLIVE 3.16

The #SkillsWorldLive Radio Show is back! In this 50-minute special the show’s presenter, Tom Bewick, asks the important question “Will the Spending Review deliver for FE?”.

Britain won’t level up until it confronts endemic educational inequality

Boris Johnson was elected on a promise to get Brexit done and level up the country. In some ways, the two issues are interrelated. The so-called former “Red Wall” seats fell to the Conservatives at the last election, not only because they voted in large majorities to leave the EU, but because they were fed up of a Westminster elite forgetting about the needs of communities outside of the M25.

Level 3 quals review outcome: what next? #SkillsWorldLive 3.14

During this week’s show, Presenter, Tom Bewick focusses on the Post-16 review of qualifications at Level 3 and the recent Skills for Success report from The Open University and Be the Business.

#AntiRacismInAction : Wales | Episode 4

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